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Citizens Advice in North & West Kent
Our Local Impact

Our Local Impact

We answered 10,179 calls through our free Adviceline in 2020/21 and supported 9,000 local people with tailored in depth advice on over 27,000 issues.

We find that clients’ cases are increasingly complex, with people seeking our support for multiple issues which have built up to create the difficulties they are facing, however broadly this includes:

  • 46% of people were assisted with issues related to benefits and tax credits. For many this included checking that they were receiving all the benefits they were entitled to (income maximisation), whilst for others we supported them to apply for benefits and to appeal decisions.
  • 20% of people were helped with housing issues.
  • 16% of clients were supported with debt issues.

Owing to the nature of our work we do not always get to know the outcomes of our advice, because once problems are resolved, clients tend to move on quickly.  However of those clients who have kept in contact, our advice and support resulted in almost £3,205,294 in financial outcomes and many more positive results for clients’ housing, health and wellbeing, life prospects etc.

Whilst open and accessible to all, we target our services to the most vulnerable people in our community, including those on low incomes, people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, older people and those who are socially excluded for many reasons.   During this period, notable indicators of the profile of our clients include:

  • 62% were female.
  • 45% were disabled or had a long-term health condition, including mental health issues.
  • 84% were of working age.

Our Local Impact

£4,500,000 Increase in household

Through our work, we increased household income for North & West Kent residents by £4.5 million pounds in 2021/22.  That’s money that goes back into the local community.

10,179 people helped through our Adviceline

We answered 10,179 calls in 2021/22, providing high quality advice and information on over 17,000 issues, just at the time people needed us.


9000 people provided with further in-depth advice

We provided 9,000 local people with tailored advice and in-depth casework on over 27,000 issues in 2021/22.